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In every discussion of this that I've seen on...
Fri Nov 3, 2017 7:06am (XFF:

...the "Atheist Experience", or in debates with Dawkins or Hitchens or Harris, the exact same statement is made.

It will be pointed out that "divine punishment" or something similar is a piss poor reason for a person to NOT do something immoral.

And the person will say, as you did, "Well, I don't need a fear of 'divine punishment'. I can do good for the sake of doing good. But a lot of OTHER people DO need a fear of 'divine punishment' in order to be good."


I would wager that the number of people who were, say, contemplating murdering someone, and thought "Well, if I DO murder him, I'll spend an eternity in hell, so I better not do that" is minimal.

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