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Some people have no problems
Fri Nov 3, 2017 10:56am

with being abused I guess.

Marketing does work.

I have never owned an Apple iPhone - don't plan on it either. My little tracfone made by Samsung is a Smart phone. Only cost fifty bucks to buy at Kmart. We pay as we go which, on average, amounts to 8 bucks a month for each of us. I have internet access, text messaging and data. There are apps, most of which I personally don't use, but I do use the calendar, camera (photo & vids), clock/alarm, and on occasion I use the maps, piano & guitar tuner (when I am in a rush and can't find what I did with my tuning fork which is often), weather . . . . It is hard to break it down into monthly costs as we pay as we go and we generally buy more minutes, etc., only once a year. We don't have a Krogers here, otherwise I would check out what they are currently offering based on what you just posted.

  • Nutcakes paying $1K+ for Apple iPhoneMondo Fuego™ , Fri Nov 3 8:03am
    Standing in line for hours. And, they do this about once every year. Thousands of $ pissed away to own a meaningless status symbol. I paid $70 for my Android-based LG SmartPhone at Kroger, and it... more
    • Status Symbols Are Far From MeaninglessMerlin, Fri Nov 3 2:00pm
      They have little or no practical purpose, but are rich in meaning. The more expensive, the more status.
      • Which guy is stupider?DFM, Sat Nov 4 10:43pm
        The guy who pays $10 for a fake Rolex watch that cost $2 to make? or The guy who pays $5000 for a REAL Roles that costs $50 to make? DFM
        • Both ...Mondo Fuego™ , Sun Nov 5 9:51am
          Rolex watches are too commonplace, and there are too many fakes. I much prefer Tiffany, Cartier, Baume & Mercier and Audemars-Piguet The Cartier Santos Galbée 18K/Stainless/Sapphire watch is one of... more
          • All are grossly overpriced.DFM, Mon Nov 6 6:09am
            Excluding precious metal, none of these cost more than $100 to make. Yet all sell for thousands. Why would anybody pay 100 times the manufacturing cost for a watch that does NOT keep better time than ... more
            • How do you know how much it costs to make a watchMondo Fuego™ , Mon Nov 6 8:03am
              These watches have over 20 ruby bearings and dozens of precise parts, all of which have to be machined to incredible tiny tolerances, then hand assembled. Then, some of them have a rather high gold... more
              • Gold is certainly expensive.DFM, Mon Nov 6 11:25am
                But, other than precious metals, why should one of these cost more than a Timex to make? Those tiny synthetic rubies are cheap. Precision to high tolerances is also cheap these days. NOTHING in them... more
    • Some people have no problems — Ennui, Fri Nov 3 10:56am
    • I would never pay that muchTrish, Fri Nov 3 9:21am
      I used a 10 year old flip phone until my service changed. I have entered the modern era, but the phone was about the same as yours and I can get service for about 11/month
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