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Why does anyone need a god to come up with those?
Fri Nov 3, 2017 12:36pm (XFF:

"Thou shalt not murder"

"Thou shalt not steal"

"Thou shalt not eat shellfish"

But somehow god never got around to "Thou shalt not own other people as property and beat them to within an inch of their lives".

And why is there no pronouncement against that practice in the ancient holy books?

Because slavery was common-place at that time. The people who wrote the Old Testament accepted slavery as a normal practice.

If you assume that the Old Testament is the "word of god", especially the Commandments (and not just the Big Ten, ALL of the Commandments), then one would have to wonder -- in what context would a god sanction slavery, beating slaves until almost dead, killing homosexuals, stoning unruly drunken children to death, etc?

Oh well. At least he got the "Do not eat shellfish" one.

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