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From Quora: For those of you who still believe that the
Sun Nov 5, 2017 12:38pm

Canadian healthcare system is inferior to our's.

Would Canadians give up their single-payer healthcare system for the US style of healthcare?

Arnie Porter, President at Golf Courses (1992-present)

Ask my wife who is a dual US and Canadian citizen who was born in the US moved to Canada at age 30 and moved back to the US a few years ago. Recently she was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and went through the horrors of the US private insurance system to get treatment. The bottom line is the stress of trying to navigate the System in the US was more stressful than having the disease itself. After months of trying to find a decent Doctor and hospital that would take her insurance so she could have surgery she gave up and we had to pay for most of the cost out of pocket. From our perspective the US privately insured system is a fraudulent strictly profit motivated system that forces one to pay premiums and then tries to restrict or deny you coverage. I have lived in Canada for 61 years and had all treatments I needed in a timely competent manner without ever paying a penny to any practitioner. The Canadian system is based upon free access to equal quality treatment for all citizens as opposed to the broken system in the US. Why would anyone prefer that over what Canada and many other countries offer ?

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