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Mondo Fuego™
How do you know how much it costs to make a watch
Mon Nov 6, 2017 8:03am

These watches have over 20 ruby bearings and dozens of precise parts, all of which have to be machined to incredible tiny tolerances, then hand assembled.

Then, some of them have a rather high gold content (~$1,300/troy ounce [31.1035 grams]).

Each are considerably more appealing than a Timex.

Most of them can be found in excellent condition on eBay at far less than retail.

At any time, you can re-sell the item on eBay and recover your investment.

But, you could extend your argument to a $1 million VanGogh or Renoir.

There are some watches which feature multiple "complications" and sell for $250K and up.

Value is in the wallet of the be-buyer.

  • All are grossly overpriced.DFM, Mon Nov 6 6:09am
    Excluding precious metal, none of these cost more than $100 to make. Yet all sell for thousands. Why would anybody pay 100 times the manufacturing cost for a watch that does NOT keep better time than ... more
    • How do you know how much it costs to make a watch — Mondo Fuego™ , Mon Nov 6 8:03am
      • Gold is certainly expensive.DFM, Mon Nov 6 11:25am
        But, other than precious metals, why should one of these cost more than a Timex to make? Those tiny synthetic rubies are cheap. Precision to high tolerances is also cheap these days. NOTHING in them... more
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