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The ones I have used turn on automatically when you begin
Mon Nov 6, 2017 10:03am

to squeeze the trigger. The slightest pressure turns it on. Take your finger away, it turns off.

Batteries last a long time because laser is on ONLY when you are ready to fire. You STILL must keep changing the battery once a year or so.

Of course, that is ONLY for those guns where the laser was built into it at design time. I imagine that add-ons are not very well integrated, but I don't know, having never used them.

Also, one must remember the distance between laser and barrel, which is an offset of a couple of centimeters. If you want to hit between the eyes, the laser dot should be the bridge of the nose below the eye line.

IMHO, for a concealed carry weapon, the advantage of the laser is that you can fire reliably from the hip without raising the gun to eye level. That gives you another half-second to shoot before the other guy. The laser lets you hit in a lethal place without sighting down the barrel.


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