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Oh, you just don't know what schadenfreude means
Mon Nov 6, 2017 1:11pm

That clears up the oddity of your post.

"negotiating a deal to sell our uranium to Russia"

Do you seriously believe that, or are you just trolling again?

  • and his family, MathMonkey. What did you have to say about Ol' Crooked Hil using her office to jet around the globe soliciting contributions to her corrupt foundation, negotiating a deal to sell our... more
    • Oh, you just don't know what schadenfreude means — Jeeves, Mon Nov 6 1:11pm
      • urbana means feed the Soul (nm)jb, Mon Nov 6 5:03pm
      • You don't know what I know, son.Mondo Fuego™ , Mon Nov 6 3:04pm
        If I don't know something, I can always Google for answers. Quit getting stuck on stupid. Connect the Clinton dots ... follow the money. Now, back to schadenfreude ... you seem to take great delight... more
        • Correct. I only know what you sayJeeves, Mon Nov 6 3:14pm
          That's why I asked if you are misinformed, or just trolling. Similarly, you know almost nothing about me. Granted, I like seeing the Trump family fail, because I believe that their goals are bad for... more
          • Hahahahahaha!
          • So you don't want ...Mondo Fuego™ , Mon Nov 6 5:20pm
            ... 1. To bring jobs back on shore 2. To rebuild and improve our infrastructure 3. To secure our borders 4. Make America great again What kind of snowflake are you? What's the alternative?
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