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Mondo Fuego™
Don't buy anything from Omaha Steaks
Mon Nov 6, 2017 2:22pm

It is false advertising and the products are total garbage.

They advertise 4 filet mignons, 4 pork tenderloin slices, 4 burgers, 4 weenies and 4 apple tarts for about $50, saying that the retail value is $193. The ad shows thick, luscious filets and burgers.

I fell for the deal about 6 months ago.

What a disaster!

The "filet mignons" were about 1/2" thick and full of gristle. The burgers were also about 1/2" thick, flat and perfectly round, indicating that they had been sliced from pre-packaged commercial hamburger.

You can Google and see a preponderance of negative ratings. I don't see how they stay in business.

    • Caveat Emptor...Sprout, Tue Nov 7 6:13am
      If someone SAYS they are selling you goods ACTUALLY valued at 200 dollars for 50 dollars, they are lying. How do they stay in business? Easy. Lots of folks like you ready to believe the lie that you... more
    • I'd sooner have a Big Mac!PH🍔🍔EY, Mon Nov 6 3:45pm
      Years ago I ordered from them. I was not amused!
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