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Because you are out of contact with REALITY.
Mon Nov 6, 2017 6:16pm

We used to have very high progressive rates. But NOBODY EVER PAID THEM.

They were negated by the numerous tax breaks. Some people made MILLIONS each year and paid ZERO taxes because of breaks like the depletion allotment that allows the owner of an oil well to deduct the value of oil sold as an expense, so his profit is always ZERO by definition. The code is FULL of that kind of crap. I gave you a link. Read the incomprehensible drivel that makes up our tax code.

The only sensible thing to do is to start over with a clean slate. Part of what is needed is to recognize that progressive income taxes never work because it is always possible to disburse income over many persons or entities and lower the tax bracket. A favorite trick is to start a non-profit foundation (sound familiar?) which the taxpayer has complete control over. Then income is funneled into the foundation tax free (it is a non-profit so contributions are deductible). Then use the foundation to do stuff like hire your kids (Chelsea Clinton was paid $600,000 a year to do nothing.) And so forth. The dodge are endless. But, if contributions cannot be deducted, such tricks will no longer work.

A FIXED RATE INCOME TAX has no such way out. A TEN PAGE TAX CODE has no place to hide special deals. Banning ALL deductions, adjustments to income, credits, etc is absolutely necessary. Do you think that our tax code started out at 70,000 pages? Not at all! But admit just ONE break and thousands of others will follow.

Only a simplified income tax will work, and I don't see how anything could be simpler than a ten page fixed rate tax with no frills, no loopholes, no crap.

Then build it into the Constitution permitting Congress to vary ONLY tax rate and personal exemption. Explicitly forbid Congress from making any laws that affect the tax code in any way. Get the tax system out of the hands of the professional crooks.


  • I Differ With You...Amadeus, Mon Nov 6 2:19pm
    I say, consider the purpose of the tax code. What should it do ? Those who have achieved great wealth and great income should contribute more to society than those who have less. The contribution is... more
    • Because you are out of contact with REALITY. — DFM, Mon Nov 6 6:16pm
      • The Only Sensible Thing To Do...Amadeus, Tue Nov 7 7:39am
        *stop* No, it is not the only sensible thing to do. The answer here is not constrained to the dichotomy of all or nothing. Simple can be good, but simpler is not always better. As I said, there are... more
        • no one else has to compromise on theirs. You want us to get rid of all of the deductions you don't like, but keep the deductions you DO like. So does everyone else. End result? Everyone keeps their... more
        • LOLMondo Fuego™ , Tue Nov 7 8:57am
          Flailing with meaninglessness. "I" ... "I" ... "I". Conjures up the frail ghost of BoZoBaMa.
    • Your arguments are baselessMondo Fuego™ , Mon Nov 6 2:57pm
      1. You fail to state what the tax code "should" do. You are not in any position to state what the tax code "should" do. You are merely ne opinion out of millions. You don't speak for DFM or me or... more
      • rather applying an emotional cost... How much it HURTS to pay... So, his focus is making the rich HURT more, not just pay more. I forget the source of the concept but the idea starts out taxing the... more
        • Not Really...Amadeus, Tue Nov 7 7:44am
          I am looking at the financial impact. For someone who barely makes enough to get by before taxes are considered, a 25% tax is very financially painful. While for someone who makes much more money, a... more
          • ... anything else, for that matter. You run your agenda shit into the ground, and you never listen to sane people who are telling you that you are full of shit. Shelley wrote this poem with folks... more
          • Your own words convict you... "painful"...Sprout, Tue Nov 7 7:49am
            It's got nothing to do with value... but in HURTING a social group you do not like.
            • Really?Amadeus, Tue Nov 7 12:06pm
              You have to be purposefully misreading what I'm writing to get your conclusion. If anything, I'm viewing the entire society as an organism and taxes as a needed injection that will cause some pain.... more
            • Pointing out the obvious.HeavyHemi, Tue Nov 7 8:22am
              Hurting financially. Pretending his point was their 'feelings', you literally feigned ignorance to create an argument.
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