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I don't object, in general, to useage type taxes like that..
Tue Nov 7, 2017 5:51am

That is because the individual can CHOOSE ultimately to pay the tax or not.

If I choose to live out in the country while working in the city, and at the same time choose to drive a large, inefficient vehicle, it results in me paying a much larger amount of that particular tax. And that's OK with me because I chose that course of action. If I really didn't want to pay much in fuel taxes, I could live within a few miles of work and commute by bicycle and pay ALMOST zero in fuel taxes (I'm assuming I will indirectly pay some as I will likely call a cab or uber from time to time or fly somewhere on vacation).

  • We should raise the gas tax, Ken C, Tue Nov 7 5:40am
    because of all the damage to the environment caused by making and using gas. I mostly agree with the rest of those ideas.
    • But, first, show us this "damage" to the environment.Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Nov 7 9:12am
      We have gone to great lengths to reduce the environmental impact of the internal combustion engine. Our air is cleaner than ever before in the last 100 years. Same for water. Gas tax should be used... more
    • I don't object, in general, to useage type taxes like that.. — Sprout, Tue Nov 7 5:51am
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