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The Only Sensible Thing To Do...
Tue Nov 7, 2017 7:39am (XFF:


No, it is not the only sensible thing to do. The answer here is not constrained to the dichotomy of all or nothing.

Simple can be good, but simpler is not always better. As I said, there are good reasons why some deductions have been implemented. I agree that we do want to stop the shenanigans like the scenario you laid out. But I think that rather than throw our hands up and say, "There's no possible way to regulate this! We have to just make it illegal!" - I'd prefer we see what we could do in terms of building a structure that would allow us some flexibility.

I could see us sitting down to hammer something out, and I could accept a condition like: The entire tax code has to be no more than 10 pages. I agree that overall brevity and simplicity is a good goal. But I am loath to accept absolutes without a much better understanding of what's involved. I think that is what is most sensible.


  • We used to have very high progressive rates. But NOBODY EVER PAID THEM. They were negated by the numerous tax breaks. Some people made MILLIONS each year and paid ZERO taxes because of breaks like... more
    • The Only Sensible Thing To Do... — Amadeus, Tue Nov 7 7:39am
      • no one else has to compromise on theirs. You want us to get rid of all of the deductions you don't like, but keep the deductions you DO like. So does everyone else. End result? Everyone keeps their... more
      • LOLMondo Fuego™ , Tue Nov 7 8:57am
        Flailing with meaninglessness. "I" ... "I" ... "I". Conjures up the frail ghost of BoZoBaMa.
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