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Your own words convict you... "painful"...
Tue Nov 7, 2017 7:49am

It's got nothing to do with value... but in HURTING a social group you do not like.

  • Not Really...Amadeus, Tue Nov 7 7:44am
    I am looking at the financial impact. For someone who barely makes enough to get by before taxes are considered, a 25% tax is very financially painful. While for someone who makes much more money, a... more
    • Your own words convict you... "painful"... — Sprout, Tue Nov 7 7:49am
      • Really?Amadeus, Tue Nov 7 12:06pm
        You have to be purposefully misreading what I'm writing to get your conclusion. If anything, I'm viewing the entire society as an organism and taxes as a needed injection that will cause some pain.... more
      • Pointing out the obvious.HeavyHemi, Tue Nov 7 8:22am
        Hurting financially. Pretending his point was their 'feelings', you literally feigned ignorance to create an argument.
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