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Mondo Fuego™
More Total BULLSHIT.
Tue Nov 7, 2017 8:41am

No other RELIGIOUS GROUP is running around crashing jets into skyscrapers, beheading people, mowing down people with vehicles, and raping women all over Europe and elsewhere. FACT

Again, everything with you is "I" and "We". There is no "We". You are on you own here with this schidt, buddy.

Take your wimpy pink booties, orange feathers and purple pom-poms and proselytize for MuzzieLigion elsewhere. Not many folk here are buying your heresy.

You are one sick, twisted three-legged puppy.

  • DFM, I've Explained It To You...Amadeus, Tue Nov 7 7:29am
    ...plenty of times. Giving political/military power to any religion is going to produce the kinds of atrocities that you seem to think are the fabric of Islam. That isn't Islam. Is this buddhism?... more
    • Islam is the most violent religion in the World TODAY. I am certainly NOT helping them recruit. You apologists are helping them by your wishy-washy indecisiveness and pathological tolerance of evil . ... more
      • My Links Were All Modern Times...Amadeus, Tue Nov 7 11:38am
        Although of course, there's plenty of violence in the name of the gods to go around for everyone throughout history. You are helping them recruit. You sound exactly like them. They proclaim that they ... more
        • Islam is a sheep religion dominated by radical tyrants.Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Nov 7 12:58pm
          Give it a rest. We've heard enough of your pro-muzzie cheerleading. Three last questions: Why are you so pro-muzzie and anti-Christian? What's in it for you? What do you care that the rest of us... more
          • One can lucidly argue...Poppet, Wed Nov 8 8:01am
            ...that all of the Abrahamic religions are "sheep religions." I know a couple of my Odinist/Asatru acquaintances are very much of that opinion. Not sure if that's accurate, but as an atheist, I don't ... more
            • The big differences ...Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Nov 8 12:13pm
              1) My Episcopal Bishop is not a tyrant. 2) I don't have a dog in any race ... I have 2 cats: Tatiana Maria Vishnevskaya a/k/a "TottieMarie" (Himalayan Persian "Tortie") Jambalaya Zatarain Moses... more
            • But I see MANY wicked people around.DFM, Wed Nov 8 10:00am
              "Odinist/Asatru"??????????????? Are you telling me that there are people who actually believe in Odin, Thor, etc? I find it hard to believe that anybody is stupid enough to believe in Comic Book... more
              • Um...Poppet, Wed Nov 8 12:15pm
                Surely you recognize that these deities are literally a couple thousand years (at least) older than comic books. I fail to see how they're any less plausible than, say, ancient Middle-Eastern sky... more
                • I simply cannot believe that ANYBODY believe that there is this super-hero flying around with his magic hammer etc, etc. Most (not all) of the "Sky God" religions have a strong sense of morality and... more
                  • I certainly won't argue against its absurdity or it's bloody-handedness. But on the former front, I find it no less absurd than most any other religion of the period (or most any period, for that... more
      • is not about the reality of any given situation, but solely judges the facts/reality by his own emotional reaction, a reaction from what fills his mind, which is scary to think about since it seems... more
        • Based On What, Shadow?Amadeus, Tue Nov 7 11:45am
          I've offered reasoned and logical debate. I've posted links to factual evidence to demonstrate my point. I'm willing to engage and discuss. And you respond with nothing but the mere accusation of my... more
          • You offer poppycock dressed in ...Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Nov 7 12:50pm
            ... drag, pink booties, orange feathers and purple pom-poms. 'Twould be far more fit for you to disappear ... at least for a while ... and take ol' jb with you.
    • More Total BULLSHIT. — Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Nov 7 8:41am
    • LOL... No, no faiths are perfect....Sprout, Tue Nov 7 7:36am
      But that does not mean that they are equal in all ways. IMO even a blind man SHOULD be able to see well enough to see that SOME faiths are MORE susceptible to extremism than others. And even a moron... more
      • I Think That...Amadeus, Tue Nov 7 11:51am
        ...there are aspects to some faiths that definitely make them more dangerous when they are "weaponized," so to speak. Faiths that are built around exclusivity, I think, are ripe for such exploitation ... more
        • Modern GENERAL Christianity and Modern GENERAL Islam? Especially in areas like treatment of women? Or is your intentional blindness truly that deep? I'm non-religious and without a dog in this fight, ... more
          • Take A Look At The Information I Provided...Amadeus, Wed Nov 8 12:42pm
            Christianity in the US is a different beast from Islam in ISIS controlled regions. Of course, the point is that Islam in the US is also different from Islam in ISIS controlled regions. Look at what I ... more
            • Not just ISIS though...Sprout, Thu Nov 9 7:21am
              Nice of you to try though. Look at nations that have predominantly Christian populations, and nations that have predominantly Islamic populations. No, Christianity is not IMMUNE. But AGAIN, it isn't... more
          • Good post, Sprout. (nm)Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Nov 7 7:10pm
        • Good idea!Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Nov 7 12:52pm
          Go study Buddhism for several years and lay off the muzzie stuff. We've 'ad enow, maytie.
      • Nobody here is buying your politically-correct, liberally-insane BULLSHIT. NOBODY! LOL
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