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Mondo Fuego™
Wealth explained for wealth enviests
Tue Nov 7, 2017 1:48pm

For many wealthy people, their wealth is tied up in their business, whether it be manufacturing, transportation, distribution, farming, ranching ... whatever.

It's not like they have several billion one dollar bills sitting on their fine nappa leather sofa beside them while they are eating truffles and drinking Chateau Lafite-Rothchild '29 in golden goblets.

One of the richest families in Tennessee ($4 billion) have their wealth tied up in a fleet of towboats and barges, book and electronics distribution warehouses and inventory, providing employment to about 40,000 people all over the US, Europe and other parts of the world. They have donated hundreds of millions of dollars to Vanderbilt and other universities, they have made our new $120 million Schermerhorn Symphony Center possible, and they have provided great civic leadership. They live extremely modestly, given their wealth. No Teslas, no Lamborghinis, no Rolls Royces.

They built their wealth by providing leadership and job opportunities for thousands, not to mention the worldwide community which benefits from their products and services. Their wealth is inexorably intertwined with what they do, not in how many dollar bills they have.

And you want to tax the crap out of them? For what reason? The government couldn't possibly do the amount of good that this family has done with their resources and resourcefulness. The government has run you and me into $20 trillion of debt. This family has taken a business from virtually zero to about $60 billion in annual sales, each year expanding employment. I trust these kinds of people far more than I trust sweaty-palmed politicians in Washington.

I hope this gives you a new perspective. Go make you own damn wealth.

    • The rich provide something for everyone ...Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Nov 8 5:07am
      Ted Turner started with $50K and turned it into billions ... and he has provided CNN for all the snowflakes and leftwing liberals. Be thankful. Where else can you get such high quality fake news? LOL
      • Haha. So true! PH👏🏾👏🏾EY, Wed Nov 8 6:34am
        And you can bet these fake MSM networks will never interview this guy giving an account in the attached link. So far to date the REAL news has identified seven shooters' locales in Vegas. He... more
    • What do you think of luxury taxes?Ken C, Wed Nov 8 12:08am
      Should we have a special tax on expensive cars and wines and jewelry and other stuff like that?
      • Absolutely not.Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Nov 8 5:04am
        There's already a tax on all these items. The more expensive they are, the higher the tax. The government's job is not to punish the rich and redistribute wealth ... it is to provide equal... more
    • If They Were 99% of the 1%, Stead of 1%, Merlin, Tue Nov 7 2:25pm
      you would have a valid point. Jus' sayin'.
      • Kiss off, punk!Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Nov 7 7:02pm
        You are so anti-everything. Your goddam cartoons are no longer kewl. You are just an ordinary snowflake with a piss-poor attitude. Go take another long sabattical and come back in 5 years. In the... more
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