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Mondo Fuego™
The big differences ...
Wed Nov 8, 2017 12:13pm

1) My Episcopal Bishop is not a tyrant.

2) I don't have a dog in any race ... I have 2 cats:

Tatiana Maria Vishnevskaya a/k/a "TottieMarie" (Himalayan Persian "Tortie")

Jambalaya Zatarain Moses Marsalis a/k/a "ZatMo" (Domestic short hair, all black and white, no gray areas there)


PS, what did you think of the Vassilis Tsabropoulos 'Achirana' album?

  • One can lucidly argue...Poppet, Wed Nov 8 8:01am
    ...that all of the Abrahamic religions are "sheep religions." I know a couple of my Odinist/Asatru acquaintances are very much of that opinion. Not sure if that's accurate, but as an atheist, I don't ... more
    • The big differences ... — Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Nov 8 12:13pm
    • But I see MANY wicked people around.DFM, Wed Nov 8 10:00am
      "Odinist/Asatru"??????????????? Are you telling me that there are people who actually believe in Odin, Thor, etc? I find it hard to believe that anybody is stupid enough to believe in Comic Book... more
      • Um...Poppet, Wed Nov 8 12:15pm
        Surely you recognize that these deities are literally a couple thousand years (at least) older than comic books. I fail to see how they're any less plausible than, say, ancient Middle-Eastern sky... more
        • I simply cannot believe that ANYBODY believe that there is this super-hero flying around with his magic hammer etc, etc. Most (not all) of the "Sky God" religions have a strong sense of morality and... more
          • I certainly won't argue against its absurdity or it's bloody-handedness. But on the former front, I find it no less absurd than most any other religion of the period (or most any period, for that... more
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