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I Believe It's A Tactical Decision...
Wed Nov 8, 2017 8:43pm

Given the bend of societal change, these groups have been increasingly marginalized and isolated until now - and they know it. They know that this is a short window, and if they want to stop society from moving further toward equality, this is their last, best chance to have any impact.

And they are pushing like they don't expect to get another chance.

What is disappointing is the way this trickles down throughout the various grades of racist, emboldening people who (in some cases) you might have never known had such racist philosophies. And they don't seem to even understand how obvious they are, and what it makes them look like. To me, it indicates that this has always been a part of their inner monologue, and they are just marinating in an environment (echo chamber) where enough of these ideas are being openly expressed to make them feel comfortable doing so. And then, suddenly, they do it in a different environment. And it stands out. Starkly.

It's important for us to face this and take action. We have to demonstrate that we are, as a society, past this. It isn't acceptable.


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