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Re: Perefect case of "consider the source".
Thu Nov 9, 2017 6:23am (XFF:

Doctor Long's data has helped to characterize the experiences of people who felt that they experienced NDEs. For example, after examining the experiences of more than 1,100 patients, he said that 74% of them experienced a heightened sense of consciousness or awareness during what they described as an NDE. He said that peace and love are the two words most commonly used by people who describe what they believe to be NDEs.

They FELT they had an NDE....

What they DESCRIBED as an NDE....

What they BELIEVE to be NDEs....

Anecdotal evidence, probably, as Doctor Parnia said, describing what happens to the brain right after "death".

  • Perefect case of "consider the source".SES, Thu Nov 9 6:19am
    Magician and skeptic Mark Edward has written: "Mr. Tsakiris is not just a believer, hes clearly a con artist out to sell himself as an 'expert in the field.' Hes not an expert at all. I doubt if... more
    • Re: Perefect case of "consider the source". — SES, Thu Nov 9 6:23am
      • you don't quote Parnia. Long's interview was very impressive but your rebuttal is not. you have NO EXPLANATION for any of them. How do you judge the fact they merely felt they had NDE instead of... more
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