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Not just ISIS though...
Thu Nov 9, 2017 7:21am

Nice of you to try though.

Look at nations that have predominantly Christian populations, and nations that have predominantly Islamic populations.

No, Christianity is not IMMUNE. But AGAIN, it isn't a black/white scenario. It doesn't have to be one all evil and one all perfect.

And the fact Christianity isn't perfect does not make Islam any better than it is.

From the point of view of a non-religious person who has no interest in defending EITHER Christianity OR Islam, and no interest in targeting Christianity OR Islam, the differences ARE clear. Modern Islam is MARKEDLY more susceptible to violence than Modern Christianity.

I would agree that the idea accepting a secular nature of society with religions not directly in charge is a good tool to keep religious extremists from being in charge. Yet, if one observes the two religions we have been discussing, ONE OF THEM does much better at ACCEPTING a general secular gov't in the modern world. Can you tell which it is?

  • Take A Look At The Information I Provided...Amadeus, Wed Nov 8 12:42pm
    Christianity in the US is a different beast from Islam in ISIS controlled regions. Of course, the point is that Islam in the US is also different from Islam in ISIS controlled regions. Look at what I ... more
    • Not just ISIS though... — Sprout, Thu Nov 9 7:21am
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