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Roy Moore Is Getting Serious Push Back On Accusations...
Thu Nov 9, 2017 12:53pm (XFF:

...of sexual impropriety with underage girls.

A handful of accusers have come forward, implicating him in crimes that are now decades old. At least one of the accusers is a lifelong Republican and Trump supporter. Why come forward now? I have a feeling that initially, the girls faced intimidation and threats. The Good Old Boy network can be very powerful. After some time passed, they probably thought there was no point in coming forward. What could they gain? Who would believe them?

Suddenly, there is a serendipitous collision of Moore running for office and the #metoo movement bringing more awareness to the pervasive nature of sexual harassment and abuse, and the victims see a point in coming forward. They may not be able to pursue justice in the courts, but they can certainly have an impact.


    • What difference does the political affiliation ...Mondo Fuego™ , Thu Nov 9 4:13pm
      ... of the alleged victim make? That is obvious politicizing of the situation, which should be free of political slant. Of course, you wouldn't miss an opportunity to besmirch conservatives any way... more
      • who would dismiss her accusations because she is a liberal Democrat feminist lesbian Hillary supporter.
        • So, you are saying ...Mondo Fuego™ , Sun Nov 12 10:21am
          ... political affiliation adds weight of confirmation. You are as sick as the rest of the pundits.
          • For example: TEXRA BS - there is tremendous reason to distrust his accuser... Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:09pm ...she's an uber DUMocrat who suddenly comes forward to wreck a close election. My... more
        • Of course, you would think that ...Mondo Fuego™ , Thu Nov 9 5:19pm
          ... it's in your DNA. Your ilk dismissed the accusations of BillyBob's victims.
          • Saving Roy Moore Isn’t Worth It Merlin, Thu Nov 9 5:32pm
            I argued that conservatives should disassociate themselves from Roy Moore and denounce him weeks before credible allegations surfaced today that he preyed on teenage girls, one only 14 years old. So... more
    • You seem quite happy about this ...Mondo Fuego™, Thu Nov 9 3:13pm
      ... yet, remain quite silent about credible RAPE accusations against Bill Clinton. Any comments on Kevin Spacey or Weinstein?
    • Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler, a Moore backer: "Even if you accept the Washington Post’s report as being completely true, it’s much ado about very little. " Apparently 14 is okay in Alabama.
      • This is really embarassing ...Mondo Fuego™ , Thu Nov 9 3:29pm
        ... age of consent in 1880: Delaware: 7 AZ/DC/IN/KY/LA/MO/NV/VA/WA/WV: 12 All other states, including Hammer's MI: 10
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