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You have trouble with reading comprehension.
Thu Nov 9, 2017 4:57pm

You wrote: "For example, we could generate enough power to meet global needs and do it ALL via renewable sources."

True. But NOT in less than a few decades. Total installed capacity is about 7 TW (million megawatts). This is a staggering amount of equipment. New capacity is now being built about as fast as possible. You fail to realize the magnitude of new equipment required. At a maximal rate of about 0.4 TW per year, it will still take decades for renewable power to catch up. However, there is a catch that the optimists seldom discuss. Electric power is only one form of power. It is still much smaller than vehicle power (from fossil fuels). If new cars are going to be electric, we will need to bump installed capacity up to 20 TW within a few years. Where is this new equipment going to come from? Ideologues like you imagine that all we need to do is pass a budget and whoosh, these plants will appear by magic.

No such luck. Billions of tonnes of material must be mined, purified, transformed into useful form, fabricated, assembled, installed, and hooked up to a grid that itself will need colossal expansion. Doing all of this takes more than money. It takes time, talent, mining equipment, factories, and vast quantities of materials. This takes decades and that period cannot be shortened arbitrarily.

Yes, we can generate ALL our energy needs from the Sun. But we cannot do it in 2017. We cannot do it by 2030, 2040, or even 2050. Even when we have 20 TW of capacity in place, it will not be enough because the poor countries are going to merge into the global economy and need the same per capita capacity as today' big players. Now we are talking about 100 TW, a staggering quantity which will require more equipment than Mankind has built collectively to date.

Also, if you remove profit motive, absolutely none of this will happen. Raw materials are mined for profit. They are purified for profit. They are converted into directly usable materials for profit. They can be fabricated into power plants only for profit. These plants can be built only for profit. And please spare me meaningless platitudes such as "create a new paradigm". Nothing is more hokey than that.

Also cut out that "global issue of life and death" hype. Most major industries are matters of life and death. Big deal. Take agriculture, for example, or water. They are also matters of "life and death" of far higher priority than electric power generation. So what?

I was also amused by the nonsensical statement of yours: "They need to put humanity first and nations a distant second." The world is composed of nations. Attempts to create super-national organizations have so far been highly unsuccessful to say the least. Nations MUST be the principal players in this process. Nations are always going to put national interest first or they will cease to exist. Everything I discussed doing above is being done by nations, sometimes in cooperation, but by any super-national organization like the pathetic and worthless United Nations which is a mere propaganda engine whose primary activity is simply to bash Israel.

Cut out the panic and try to think rationally for a change. The changes that you insist upon are already underway on a huge scale. You can't make them happen faster by screaming about them, or by any means whatsoever. The problem is being solved. The conversion of the world economy to solar energy is underway as fast as it can go. So keep your shirt on and remain calm.

Renewable Energy Now Exceeds All Other Forms of New Power Generation

26 OCT 2016

Last year was a huge turning point for clean power, with renewable energy surpassing coal to become the largest source of power capacity in the world for the first time, according to a new report.

And not only have renewables now overtaken coal, but the rate of their adoption keeps getting faster. In another first, growth in renewables outstripped all other forms of new power generation in 2015, with clean energy accounting for more than half of the world's new electricity capacity added last year.

The new figures, released in a market report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) this week, mean that energy forecasts from only a year ago now need to be revised – with renewables growth between 2015 and 2021 predicted to be 13 percent greater than estimated last year.

That revised estimate should see renewables be responsible for 28 percent of electricity generation by 2021 – last year, it accounted for 23 percent, so each year, renewables take over about 1 percent of the electricity market.

That 2021 prediction might only be a little over a quarter of the world's total electricity in five years' time, but it amounts to a massive 7,600 terawatt hours – equivalent to the total combined electricity generation of the US and the European Union (EU) today.

And in that five-year timespan, renewables are expected to absorb 60 percent of all power capacity growth, which basically means the IEA doesn't see the record-setting gains shown in the past year slowing down any time soon.

"We are witnessing a transformation of global power markets led by renewables and, as is the case with other fields, the centre of gravity for renewable growth is moving to emerging markets," said IEA executive director Fatih Birol.

In those emerging markets, the rate of renewables adoption is almost unimaginably fast. In China, two new wind turbines were installed every hour in 2015, meaning the nation had built almost 20,000 new turbines by the end of the year.

That flurry of investment saw China soak up about half of all new wind power additions, and approximately 40 percent of global renewable capacity increases in total.

Wind power led the growth in renewables, adding 66 gigawatt (GW) of capacity in 2015, followed by solar, which represented 49 GW.

And just in case you think that means solar's been slacking off, bear this in mind: that additional 49 GW of capacity amounts to about 500,000 new solar panels being installed around the world every day last year.

So obviously there's a lot to celebrate in these new figures, which the IEA puts down to stronger renewables policies – chiefly in the US, China, India, and Mexico – plus falling prices thanks to stronger competition in the marketplace, and better technology.


  • We Need...Amadeus, Thu Nov 9 12:59pm start viewing this as a global issue of life and death. For example, we could generate enough power to meet global needs and do it ALL via renewable sources. Not using today's systems,... more
    • You have trouble with reading comprehension. — DFM, Thu Nov 9 4:57pm
      • You Are Often Stuck In Old Paradigms...Amadeus, Fri Nov 10 7:37am
        We must think outside the box we are stuck in. The box we are stuck in is what got us where we are, on pace to not make it. On pace to suffer horribly. That isn't hype. I get the idea that you are... more
        • would starve to death because of an unproven (and unprovable) hypothesis. DFM
        • You probably didn't notice ...Mondo Fuego™ , Fri Nov 10 10:04am
          ... while you were prancing around in your pink booties, orange feathers and purple pom-poms, crying "The sky is falling, the sky is falling", but the US is already well on its way to renewables in... more
          • one wondersTrish, Fri Nov 10 5:16pm
            how you know so much about pink booties, orange feathers, and purple pompoms. Cross dressing now, Mondo?
          • True, but France is spending SEVERAL times as much for electricity as we do per KWH. Most of the extra cost is hidden in heavily subsidized electric power rates. Like most government programs, their... more
            • I agree with maintaining Trish, Fri Nov 10 5:14pm
              while developing but putting off development because of whatever agenda isn't cool. Oil companies have more than made their profits and loaded pockets. If the same people were forward thinking, they... more
      • if that informationTrish, Fri Nov 10 4:21am
        and this article are true: Then it seems to me we should get our butts in gear.
        • Well, hop to it ...Mondo Fuego™, Fri Nov 10 11:13am
          ... see what you can get done this weekend. :)
          • that is easy.Trish, Fri Nov 10 5:11pm
            Turn off lights and only use when necessary. monitor heat levels and keep them consistent. any car travel should not be a one-stop matter. preserve food and waste as little as possible. That is not... more
            • I do all that ... so do most sane peopleMondo Fuego™, Sat Nov 11 7:33am
              SO, what else does ol' Chicken Little Uru Mjolnir HammerDeus expect people to do? I get tired of his pious little rants about what "we" should do.
      • We prolly won't hear back from old Uru Mjolnir Hammer ...Mondo Fuego™ , Thu Nov 9 8:47pm
        ... on this. He will realize that his pink booties, orange feathers and purple pom-poms are insufficient to enable him to transcend reality and invoke puff the magic dragon to bring about a... more
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