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You Are Often Stuck In Old Paradigms...
Fri Nov 10, 2017 7:37am (XFF:

We must think outside the box we are stuck in.

The box we are stuck in is what got us where we are, on pace to not make it. On pace to suffer horribly. That isn't hype. I get the idea that you are slowly coming around to the understanding that all of this is real. You may not have fully realized the consequences, but "life and death" isn't hype.

If humanity decided that it was necessary, we could convert the majority of the planet to all renewables (not just solar) much earlier than 2050. It would mean short term suffering in some other areas. The key words being short term.

It is a matter of priority.


  • You wrote: "For example, we could generate enough power to meet global needs and do it ALL via renewable sources." True. But NOT in less than a few decades. Total installed capacity is about 7 TW... more
    • You Are Often Stuck In Old Paradigms... — Amadeus, Fri Nov 10 7:37am
      • would starve to death because of an unproven (and unprovable) hypothesis. DFM
      • You probably didn't notice ...Mondo Fuego™ , Fri Nov 10 10:04am
        ... while you were prancing around in your pink booties, orange feathers and purple pom-poms, crying "The sky is falling, the sky is falling", but the US is already well on its way to renewables in... more
        • one wondersTrish, Fri Nov 10 5:16pm
          how you know so much about pink booties, orange feathers, and purple pompoms. Cross dressing now, Mondo?
        • True, but France is spending SEVERAL times as much for electricity as we do per KWH. Most of the extra cost is hidden in heavily subsidized electric power rates. Like most government programs, their... more
          • I agree with maintaining Trish, Fri Nov 10 5:14pm
            while developing but putting off development because of whatever agenda isn't cool. Oil companies have more than made their profits and loaded pockets. If the same people were forward thinking, they... more
    • if that informationTrish, Fri Nov 10 4:21am
      and this article are true: Then it seems to me we should get our butts in gear.
      • Well, hop to it ...Mondo Fuego™, Fri Nov 10 11:13am
        ... see what you can get done this weekend. :)
        • that is easy.Trish, Fri Nov 10 5:11pm
          Turn off lights and only use when necessary. monitor heat levels and keep them consistent. any car travel should not be a one-stop matter. preserve food and waste as little as possible. That is not... more
          • I do all that ... so do most sane peopleMondo Fuego™, Sat Nov 11 7:33am
            SO, what else does ol' Chicken Little Uru Mjolnir HammerDeus expect people to do? I get tired of his pious little rants about what "we" should do.
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