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Mondo Fuego™
You probably didn't notice ...
Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:04am

... while you were prancing around in your pink booties, orange feathers and purple pom-poms, crying "The sky is falling, the sky is falling", but the US is already well on its way to renewables in terms of power generation.

You are 80 cents short of a dollar with your "paradigms". You seem to have little common sense ... all hat and no cattle. There is little substance to your cries of "wolf". So, DFM and I have to take our time to present reality.

Most of those countries which have a high percentage of solar/wing/hydro are small in area, with civilized populations concentrated in central cities. We are a huge geography with large population centers all over the place. We have already exploited hydro to its limit, and many of our dams will need replacement over the next several decades. As we ramp up solar and wind, we have shifted from coal and oil to gas to minimize carbon emissions. Unlike France, we have let our nuclear program go to hell in a handbasket ... France gets a major portion of their electricity from nukes.

One major problem we have is we are in near-catastrophic debt, so that will impact our progress. We can thank BoZo for leading us into doubled debt in 8 short years. Don't tell me that bastard wasn't trying to destroy America.

The big problem all nations face is phasing out gasoline and diesel vehicles.

Take the huge transportation sector: aircraft, ships, towboats, tugboats, locomotives, 18-wheelers, military gear, construction gear, tractors and farm implements, dump trucks and delivery trucks aren't going to run off batteries any time soon ... if ever.

Electric passenger vehicles have made little headway anywhere. Even in Germany, a leader in renewables, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen are still building a preponderance of fossil fuel powered vehicles.

Vehicle batteries are a nasty proposition at best.

In the meantime, nobody has satisfactorily addressed the HUGE but INSIDIOUS deforestation problem. About 30% of Earth's land surface was covered by forests. Between 2000 and 2012, 890,000 square miles of forests around the world were cut down ... that's an area bigger than Mexico or Saudi Arabia or 72% of India ... huge ... in just 12 years. As a result of deforestation over the past decades, only 2.4 million square miles (40%) remain of the original 6 million square miles of forest that formerly covered the Earth. The removal of trees without sufficient reforestation has resulted in damage to habitat, biodiversity loss and aridity. It has adverse impacts on biosequestration of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Deforested regions typically incur significant adverse soil erosion and frequently degrade into wasteland. Deforestation causes extinction, changes to climatic conditions, desertification, and displacement of animal and plant populations. I don't see Hammer's big mouth addressing this major problem.

Ultimately, if there really is an anthropogenic global warming problem, DFM is right: population control must be addressed. I have a solution ... ship all the snowflake liberals to Mars ... that would immediately cut the population roughly in half.

  • You Are Often Stuck In Old Paradigms...Amadeus, Fri Nov 10 7:37am
    We must think outside the box we are stuck in. The box we are stuck in is what got us where we are, on pace to not make it. On pace to suffer horribly. That isn't hype. I get the idea that you are... more
    • You probably didn't notice ... — Mondo Fuego™ , Fri Nov 10 10:04am
      • one wondersTrish, Fri Nov 10 5:16pm
        how you know so much about pink booties, orange feathers, and purple pompoms. Cross dressing now, Mondo?
      • True, but France is spending SEVERAL times as much for electricity as we do per KWH. Most of the extra cost is hidden in heavily subsidized electric power rates. Like most government programs, their... more
        • I agree with maintaining Trish, Fri Nov 10 5:14pm
          while developing but putting off development because of whatever agenda isn't cool. Oil companies have more than made their profits and loaded pockets. If the same people were forward thinking, they... more
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