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France gets a major portion of their electricity from nukes.
Fri Nov 10, 2017 1:54pm

True, but France is spending SEVERAL times as much for electricity as we do per KWH. Most of the extra cost is hidden in heavily subsidized electric power rates.

Like most government programs, their electric power program is WAY OVER BUDGET.

I disagree on batteries. I don't see them as being bad, but they will NEVER compete with liquid fuels.

OK, suppose we want to KEEP our infrastructure and switch to solar energy at the SAME TIME. It CAN be done, at an affordable price via Sea Solar Power. Using the thermal gradient in the tropical oceans as a "fuel". It is free and inexhaustible, since it is constantly renewed.

I suspect that you have read the badmouthing of Sea Solar Power by the Department of Energy, the same assholes who are telling us that the sky is falling from carbon dioxide. DoE admits that it would work fine, but says it would be too expensive.

I am the world's #2 authority on the subject. I can tell you with assurance that, based upon the engineering plans and the usual costs of heavy marine hardware (offshore platforms, ships, etc) it will be readily affordable for electric power generation.

In addition, Sea Solar Power can be used to produce synthetic liquid fuels such as gasoline, kerosene, isopropyl alcohol, etc. Here is the skinny of that. Seawater at the surface contains vast quantities of dissolve carbon dioxide because it is equilibrium with the air. This can be removed at low cost with de-aerators. The electricity from Sea Solar Power can be used to electrolyze water into hydrogen and oxygen. That hydrogen can be combined by a proven process to make any liquid fuel we might want. These fuels can be burned WITHOUT increasing the carbon dioxide content of the air because the are made from carbon dioxide taken from the air.

It get MUCH better than this when the ecological effects are considered. You may know that ocean water is poor in soluble nitrogen and phosphorous. Hence, the world's great fisheries are found where there is either continental runoff or upwelling of deep ocean water. The operating cycle of Sea Solar Power brings up water from circa 900 meters to the surface and releases it there. The result will be a massive artificial upwelling that will create and artificial "Grand Banks" down-current from the floating power plant. As you know, the major fishing areas have been depleted by gross over-fishing. Sea Solar Power would give the oceans a chance to re-generate their fish populations.

OK, if it so good, why hasn't it been done? The answer is that it has not been done precisely because it is so good and might step on some very rich toes. It could produce vast quantities of liquid fuels that would go right into our cars unchanged.

It is not a fantasy of mine. Google Sea Solar Power and you will get about 32,900 results.


  • You probably didn't notice ...Mondo Fuego™ , Fri Nov 10 10:04am
    ... while you were prancing around in your pink booties, orange feathers and purple pom-poms, crying "The sky is falling, the sky is falling", but the US is already well on its way to renewables in... more
    • one wondersTrish, Fri Nov 10 5:16pm
      how you know so much about pink booties, orange feathers, and purple pompoms. Cross dressing now, Mondo?
    • France gets a major portion of their electricity from nukes. — DFM, Fri Nov 10 1:54pm
      • I agree with maintaining Trish, Fri Nov 10 5:14pm
        while developing but putting off development because of whatever agenda isn't cool. Oil companies have more than made their profits and loaded pockets. If the same people were forward thinking, they... more
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