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Yes... sort of... maybe....
Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:19am

IMO we tend to think in terms of either/or and black/white scenarios'....

I think we tend to think of individuals as EITHER heterosexual OR homosexual OR bisexual OR.... etc, etc, etc...

What if it is a graduated scale? And then consider social and developmental impacts. What if someone who WOULD have been bisexual if raised in a vacuum is raised in a society where homosexuality is STRONGLY discouraged (Iran). Might they, by the time they were an adult end up for all intents and purposes heterosexual? I'm not suggesting that someone whose desires are ONLY homosexual would change completely to heterosexual, but I could see some shift due to social standards.

Think about how many people who would have been left handed in life LEARNED to function right handed because they were forced to.

The point she MAY be (albeit awkwardly) trying to raise is that there MAY be folks out there who would have been something other than heterosexual but who either found another way, or simply never even explored it due to peer pressure.

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