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Lions learned by trial and error, the same way humans do.
Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:35am

How do natives of an area know what foods are good to eat? Trial and error.

Different lions tried different methods, and those that worked survived, propagated, and passed on their methods. The rest died out. This is cultural evolution which is just as real as genetic evolution.

Another counter-example: Greek institutional homosexuality. In Classical Greece, it was not only common for grown men to take boys as lovers, it was rather expected. I don't believe that Greeks have any hereditary link to homosexuality, but the culture pushed it on people.

Nearly everything that humans do is directed by BOTH genetics and culture.

Consider also the corset and female institutional chronic strangulation. Corsets were laced so tightly that women frequently DIED from the consequent circulatory problems, yet these deaths did not end the fashion which lasted for centuries. Nothing is more fundamental than breathing, yet this process was constrained by the stupidity of fashion.



  • A problem with your logic.Quantafyre, Sun Nov 12 6:55pm
    There are many examples of learned behaviors being transmitted from generation to generation. Here is just one example: Lions are NOT born to be effective hunters. Lions raised by humans and not... more
    • Lions learned by trial and error, the same way humans do. — DFM, Mon Nov 13 5:35am
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