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Hear! Hear!
Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:28am

This was deftly done: confederacy of dunces, a ship of fools, and a thicket of thieves.*

*You know I'm "borrowing" it. ;-)

  • Mondo's Monday Blog: The height of hypocricyMondo Fuego™ , Mon Nov 13 11:20am
    I don't have a dog in Roy Moore's campaign. I thought Luther Strange to be the better candidate. Lots of folks are calling for Moore to drop out of the Alabama special election. On the left, because... more
    • "It would be a good idea to take politics out of criminal allegations and focus on the actual alleged crimes." I couldn't agree more. "Back to politics as a separate subject: Bottom line, Republicans ... more
    • Hear! Hear! — Merlin, Mon Nov 13 11:28am
      • Roy Moore certainly highlights hypocricyJeeves, Mon Nov 13 12:08pm
        Can't allow transgender people into their bathroom of choice because they might molest children. But when you have a political candidate who is accused of actually molesting children... Alabama... more
        • Got'ta say, I don't want transgenders lurking around ...Mondo Fuego™ , Mon Nov 13 1:11pm
          ... my g-kids. Call that anything you like. Get your facts straight, MathPussy. "accused" ... not "tried and convicted" 1 alleged child ... not multiple "children". He said ... she said. No... more
          • Where did I say "tried and convicted"?Jeeves, Mon Nov 13 1:18pm
            Show me where I said that, you lying piece of shite. " 1 alleged child ... not multiple 'children'. " There are multiple accusers now. Get your facts straight, MathChallengedPoseur. Crawl back to... more
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