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Re: Mondo's Monday Blog: The height of hypocricy
Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:31am

"It would be a good idea to take politics out of criminal allegations and focus on the actual alleged crimes."

I couldn't agree more.

"Back to politics as a separate subject: Bottom line, Republicans and Democrats at every level have proven themselves to be incompetent and corrupt"

Again, I agree. And that is why I basically stay out of political discussions. Both GOP & Dems are indefensible. Taking one side or the other has polarized us. We should be standing together and holding the entire lot of politicians across the nation accountable instead of taking sides and arguing with each other. But that aint gowna happen anytime soon.

  • Mondo's Monday Blog: The height of hypocricyMondo Fuego™ , Mon Nov 13 11:20am
    I don't have a dog in Roy Moore's campaign. I thought Luther Strange to be the better candidate. Lots of folks are calling for Moore to drop out of the Alabama special election. On the left, because... more
    • Re: Mondo's Monday Blog: The height of hypocricy — Ennui, Mon Nov 13 11:31am
    • Hear! Hear!Merlin, Mon Nov 13 11:28am
      This was deftly done: confederacy of dunces, a ship of fools, and a thicket of thieves.* *You know I'm "borrowing" it. ;-)
      • Roy Moore certainly highlights hypocricyJeeves, Mon Nov 13 12:08pm
        Can't allow transgender people into their bathroom of choice because they might molest children. But when you have a political candidate who is accused of actually molesting children... Alabama... more
        • Got'ta say, I don't want transgenders lurking around ...Mondo Fuego™ , Mon Nov 13 1:11pm
          ... my g-kids. Call that anything you like. Get your facts straight, MathPussy. "accused" ... not "tried and convicted" 1 alleged child ... not multiple "children". He said ... she said. No... more
          • Where did I say "tried and convicted"?Jeeves, Mon Nov 13 1:18pm
            Show me where I said that, you lying piece of shite. " 1 alleged child ... not multiple 'children'. " There are multiple accusers now. Get your facts straight, MathChallengedPoseur. Crawl back to... more
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