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Roy Moore certainly highlights hypocricy
Mon Nov 13, 2017 12:08pm

Can't allow transgender people into their bathroom of choice because they might molest children.

But when you have a political candidate who is accused of actually molesting children...

Alabama Evangelicals more likely to support Roy Moore after child molestation accusations

Nearly 40 percent of Evangelical Christians in Alabama say they're now more likely to vote for Roy Moore after multiple allegations that he molested children, even as voters across the historically red state now seem to be punishing Moore for his past actions, a new poll shows.

A plurality of evangelicals — 37 percent — described themselves as more likely to support Moore because of recent sexual assault allegations levied against him, while only 28 percent were less likely to do so. Thirty-four percent of the supposedly devout Christians said that the allegations reported last week in the Washington Post made no difference in their support for Moore.

Because it's all about protecting the children.

  • Hear! Hear!Merlin, Mon Nov 13 11:28am
    This was deftly done: confederacy of dunces, a ship of fools, and a thicket of thieves.* *You know I'm "borrowing" it. ;-)
    • Roy Moore certainly highlights hypocricy — Jeeves, Mon Nov 13 12:08pm
      • Got'ta say, I don't want transgenders lurking around ...Mondo Fuego™ , Mon Nov 13 1:11pm
        ... my g-kids. Call that anything you like. Get your facts straight, MathPussy. "accused" ... not "tried and convicted" 1 alleged child ... not multiple "children". He said ... she said. No... more
        • Where did I say "tried and convicted"?Jeeves, Mon Nov 13 1:18pm
          Show me where I said that, you lying piece of shite. " 1 alleged child ... not multiple 'children'. " There are multiple accusers now. Get your facts straight, MathChallengedPoseur. Crawl back to... more
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