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Mondo Fuego™
Got'ta say, I don't want transgenders lurking around ...
Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:11pm

... my g-kids. Call that anything you like.

Get your facts straight, MathPussy.

"accused" ... not "tried and convicted"

1 alleged child ... not multiple "children".

He said ... she said.

No allegation of sexual penetration.

Any others he allegedly "dated" in his early 30s were above the legal age of consent.

But, I would not expect an emotional boy like you to get your facts straight.

Remember, your idol, BillyBob, was accused of rape and sexual assault on multiple occasions. Juanita Broderick's claim of violent rape is very believable ... a lot more believable than the single allegation against Moore. He paid Paula Jones $860,000 to drop her sexual harassment lawsuit ... BTW, that's a lot of money for flashing a small dick. Then, sex with an official subordinate, Monica Lewinsky, a friggin' intern, not even a seasoned government employee, is in the realm of criminal activity. Then there was the alleged rape at Oxford. Then there is Senator Menendez's sex with minors. And, on and on.

Then, there's your hypocrisy.

Need I say more?

  • Roy Moore certainly highlights hypocricyJeeves, Mon Nov 13 12:08pm
    Can't allow transgender people into their bathroom of choice because they might molest children. But when you have a political candidate who is accused of actually molesting children... Alabama... more
    • Got'ta say, I don't want transgenders lurking around ... — Mondo Fuego™ , Mon Nov 13 1:11pm
      • Where did I say "tried and convicted"?Jeeves, Mon Nov 13 1:18pm
        Show me where I said that, you lying piece of shite. " 1 alleged child ... not multiple 'children'. " There are multiple accusers now. Get your facts straight, MathChallengedPoseur. Crawl back to... more
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