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Mondo Fuego™
Please show me where I said 19 = 14 and I will correct it.
Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:19am

I have nowhere defended Roy Moore.

In fact, I don't like Roy Moore ... I much prefer Luther Strange.

Let me be clear:

1. Neither you nor I know for a fact that the allegations are true. They have not been proven in a court of law under sworn testimony and cross-examination.

2. It is a strange coincidence that the allegations pop up right before a hotly-contested election.

3. There is room here to entertain the notion of conspiracy. Any time a 40 year old case suddenly pops up in the hands of Gloria Allred, one has to wonder "who is funding all this" ... who is paying a celebrity lawyer to notarize a case that is beyond the statutes of limitation? ... and for what purpose, other than to sway an election? ... IMO, Allred doesn't give a damn about some poor little 16 YO girl ... she's all about Gloria and money and liberal politics. Same for daughter Lisa Bloom, who in a futile attempt to defeat Trump, "used" (as in manipulating pawns) numerous women with baseless claims, and ruined the business of makeup artist Jill Harth to the point she was begging for donations on Go-Fund-Me.

4. Speaking of Lisa Bloom and her harem of Trump accusers, it is interesting to note that none of it stuck to the wall, so these kinds of things do happen under the cloak of political manipulation, and sometimes they fail to bear fruit. Eventually, people (but not I) forget what the stink was all about.

5. I personally believe that Moore did try to force his way on the 14 YO and 16 YO, and if that's true, then he committed the crimes of child molestation, attempted statutory rape, and attempted rape (in the case of the 16 YO), and he had/has a serious psychological problem. I absolutely do not want him in the United States Senate. I think he is creepy. But, then, I find a lot of politicians creepier. Need I say one more word than "Clintons"?

6. As to the rumors that he dated 18 YOs when he was 32, and again, this has not been proven, if the relationships were consensual, whatever they were, whether just holding hands, or wild orgy sex in the back seat of a Ford, it would have been perfectly legal, and none of your or my or the public's business. It was never my cup of tea to date legal kids, but for those who would sanctimoniously cast aspersions on those who do, I sarcastically pointed out the relationship and age difference of Charles and Diana, who at the time were the idols of the world (and contrary to Merlin's nasty return of sarcasm, the fact that their relationship did not last is immaterial ... happens all the time, everywhere).

7. At this point, my hope is that the Republican Party of Alabama repudiates Moore as their candidate, and if he wins the election anyway, the governor by law can declare the election null and void, and re-appoint Luther Strange as interim Senator pending a future Special Election.

8. One must keep in mind that there are several subversive operatives on this board who purposely seek to misinterpret and misconstrue the statements of others, among whom the ringleaders are Jeeves and Merlin.

9. What I have tried to do in all this is to separate fact from fiction and opinion, legal from moral, and sometimes that is navigating treacherous waters. I sometimes wonder why I waste my time posting shit here. Like Mav said on ZenBoard, it's our chance to think we are being heard.

So maybe this clears up any misconceptions you may have had about me and my various postings about Roy Moore, age of consent in the US, Europe and other parts of the world, and criticism of eagerbeaver neophyte Lawyer/Twitterer Catherine Lawson, and serves as a reminder to all that we should not rush to judgment. If you still have issues, by all means, lay them on me. I am solely responsible for my own content. And, furthermore, I reserve the right to think you're awesome. ;)

This all reminds me of when Jesse Ventura said in that Minnesota, word-chewing brogue, "Politics is the dirtiest thing I have ever seen in my life".

  • Oh, ffs. 19 =/= 14Poppet, Tue Nov 14 7:38am
    Why on earth are you bending over backwards to defend someone who seems very likely to be a serial statutory rapist?
    • Please show me where I said 19 = 14 and I will correct it. — Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Nov 14 9:19am
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