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I'm a ringleader of subversive operatives?
Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:38am

"One must keep in mind that there are several subversive operatives on this board who purposely seek to misinterpret and misconstrue the statements of others, among whom the ringleaders are Jeeves and Merlin."


I must look into building a volcano lair in which I can lay my evil plans while cackling fiendishly!

I'll need a new wardrobe too.

  • Please show me where I said 19 = 14 and I will correct it.Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Nov 14 9:19am
    I have nowhere defended Roy Moore. In fact, I don't like Roy Moore ... I much prefer Luther Strange. Let me be clear: 1. Neither you nor I know for a fact that the allegations are true. They have not ... more
    • I do agree that neither of us knows if the allegations are true or not (nor, for that matter, will we if/when there's some sort ofr trial...OJ, anyone?). That's why I used the language I did. But I'm ... more
      • I strongly disagree that "the implication of = was clear".Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Nov 14 10:39am
        If it appeared that way to you, then my assurance to you that such was not the actual or intended case should enable you to move beyond that. What is abundantly clear is that non-consensual advances, ... more
        • Thanks for the clarification.Poppet, Tue Nov 14 1:14pm
          I certainly won't apologize for my interpretation, as I think it was perfectly reasonable, but I very much appreciate the clarification. And yes, the Charles/Diana thing was a bit skeevy...but I also ... more
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