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Here's the problem....
Wed Nov 15, 2017 5:19am

Let's make it simple math for the sake of discussion...

Let' say the "Universal Income" level is decided to be 20K a year. Right now, you probably pay 10K a year or so in taxes (federal, state, local, sales, etc) for the things you already receive like roads/bridges/police/fire/ambulance/etc/etc/etc....

So, in order for every adult to receive an ADDITIONAL 20K a year in tax dollars dedicated to them, every adult ON AVERAGE would have to pay an ADDITIONAL 20K a year in taxes to support such a program, whether directly or indirectly...

Of course folks like hammer will claim to be able to pay this by ONLY taxing the 1%... But that means that EACH of those 1% will have to pay for their own Universal Income AND that of 99 others... So each of them will have to pay an additional 2 MILLION in taxes every year...

  • It could work. But STOP breeding, everywhere.PH💰💰EY, Tue Nov 14 12:22pm
    (except for us white folk)
    • Here's the problem.... — Sprout, Wed Nov 15 5:19am
      • Folks won't pay anything. Corporations WILL.PH😳😳EY, Wed Nov 15 6:59am
        A guaranteed universal living wage by way of a debit card. For everyone with the population at a set number. Of course given human perfidity one can expect to be told to not complain lest one's... more
        • And where do they get that money?Sprout, Wed Nov 15 7:18am
          Here is the simple truth.... If the gov't is going to pay everyone 25K a year and take it from corporations, then the corporations are going to cut everyone's salaries by MORE than that... Because... more
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