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i proved there is no reason to fear death but you won't read
Thu Nov 16, 2017 7:31am

This is a little long but very interesting:

And then I was shown the image of all the prayers being said by my family and friends. Each prayer appearing like a musical note and linking one to another and reaching up toward where I was. Lastly, I saw my daughterís prayer forming the last link to reach us.
I was told that the future things in my life that I had been shown would be removed from my memory as well as some other things I had been shown during my experience because the choices I would make in my future life would be tainted and not truly legitimate choices, if I were allowed to retain those memories.
I told him that I had seen him arriving that day, although I hadnít known who he was or why he was coming there at the time. I told him about how he was rushing toward the operating room suite and was wearing street clothes of a brown jacket of some kind and carrying a bag. I saw his being annoyed to be slowed down near the doors to the operating room suite, when he was clearly anxious to get into the operating suite. Then, I asked him if what I saw is what had happened that day. His response was, 'How did you know that? I had been at my office when I was paged to come to the operating room stat. I was needed to do emergency exploratory surgery to locate and stop the bleeding from a vessel that had been cut during a back surgery.' I canít remember for certain, but I think he may have asked me what else I had seen and experienced. I believe that I shared a bit about seeing my deceased loved ones and a little about my experience, but I donít remember any details I told him. He never clearly said that he was actually wearing what I described, he only said, 'How did you know that?'
During the surgery, it had been discovered that I had endometriosis. So I also visited a gynecologist for follow up. During that visit, he asked about my recent abdominal scar. When I explained what had happened, he exclaimed, 'That was YOU! I was in the adjacent operating room that day and heard all hell breaking loose in there. The air was blue for a while, I can tell you !' I didnít share my NDE with him that day, but it confirmed to me what I had seen in the operating room and the swearing I heard taking place there.

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    • i proved there is no reason to fear death but you won't read — jb, Thu Nov 16 7:31am
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