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She is a day late and a dollar short!
Thu Nov 16, 2017 10:03am

She put her career first. Not her principles. Now that she is old and secure, she wants to come clean, and destroy Franken'slife. While he erred, I really do not see this as anywhere comparable to Daddy Bush or Slick Willy. I give her a thumbs down. Next she will be suing for monetary damages. Life ain't perfect. She seems like a whiner to me.

  • Meet Senator SNL-Jerk Al Franken (D-MN), the GroperMondo Fuego™ , Thu Nov 16 9:49am
    What a pious little bastard hypocrite: Sen. Al Franken accused of forcibly ... more
    • All you need doMoishe, Fri Nov 17 7:20am
      is take the Franken photograph and imagine a photoshop replacing the face of Franken with a face of Moore, and the face of Tweeden with the face of a scared 14 year old girl. I'm sure someone with... more
      • Send me your picture ...Mondo Fuego™ , Fri Nov 17 11:15pm
        ... an I will paste it over Franken's face and publish it in the Toronto Rag.
      • Franken vs. MooreAmadeus, Fri Nov 17 7:52am
        One of them went after much younger girls, including girls under the legal age of consent. One of them, once confronted with the immorality and illegality of his behavior, denied the behavior ever... more
    • You defended pederast Roy Moore...Old Man River, Thu Nov 16 11:32am
      but hyperventilate over Franken. I think we can discern you're quite a hypocrite.
      • Show me where I "defended" Moore.Mondo Fuego™ , Thu Nov 16 12:33pm
        You are as full of shit as the next person who can't read. If you have any senses, you can see Franken groping the woman. What concrete evidence do you have on Moore? Then, there's Sen Menendez.... more
    • She is a day late and a dollar short! — PH👹👹EY, Thu Nov 16 10:03am
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