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Mondo Fuego™
Many will disagree with your lack of discernment & judgment
Thu Nov 16, 2017 10:13am

Point 1: Daddy Bush patting someone on the butt is a shade or two more benign than forcibly kissing someone and putting your tongue in their mouth against their will, then in a separate incident, groping their breasts while they are asleep.

Point 2: Regarding Slick Willy, forced rape and serial sexual assault is an extremely serious crime which liberals swept under the rug for years. Franken is merely a sex offender., but should be put on an offender registry too.

You are in need of ethics training and criminal law education.

  • She is a day late and a dollar short!PH👹👹EY, Thu Nov 16 10:03am
    She put her career first. Not her principles. Now that she is old and secure, she wants to come clean, and destroy Franken'slife. While he erred, I really do not see this as anywhere comparable to... more
    • Many will disagree with your lack of discernment & judgment — Mondo Fuego™ , Thu Nov 16 10:13am
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