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Mondo Fuego™
Show me where I "defended" Moore.
Thu Nov 16, 2017 12:33pm

You are as full of shit as the next person who can't read.

If you have any senses, you can see Franken groping the woman.

What concrete evidence do you have on Moore?

Then, there's Sen Menendez.


Lot more evidence with these two sex offenders.

Bottom line, Moore is probably guilty, but it seems odd that this has been politicized to sway an important election. These women all sound like they could use a little extra money ... maybe someone is offering cash for trash, ya tink?

Now, you can fuck off and have a nice day.

  • You defended pederast Roy Moore...Old Man River, Thu Nov 16 11:32am
    but hyperventilate over Franken. I think we can discern you're quite a hypocrite.
    • Show me where I "defended" Moore. — Mondo Fuego™ , Thu Nov 16 12:33pm
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