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Franken vs. Moore
Fri Nov 17, 2017 7:52am (XFF:

One of them went after much younger girls, including girls under the legal age of consent.

One of them, once confronted with the immorality and illegality of his behavior, denied the behavior ever happened and lied about it, defaming the victims.

One of them sets himself and his ideology up as a higher moral standard.

There is a reason more Republicans won't go after Franken on this. They can't. With Trump in the White House, what can they say? Franken, on the other hand, has said a lot. He immediately apologized. He didn't deny what happened. He then decided his immediate apology wasn't direct enough and apologized again, calling for an ethics investigation into his actions. I have been discussing Moore with friends on both sides of the aisle for several days now, and something I have said all along is that everybody makes mistakes. It isn't that someone can't learn and grow and come back from making those mistakes to serve and run for office. But it matters how they respond to being confronted by those mistakes.

Moore abused his power for personal gain and pleasure. He has not admitted to his fault. He has not expressed regret. He has lied repeatedly about his actions. This is not the type of person you want to give more political power to.

Liberals absolutely can't give Franken a pass on his actions. He did what he did. He admits it. He is not giving himself a pass on it. It doesn't mean he has to lose his job. There is a process, and Franken has called for the process (not tried to avoid it).


  • All you need doMoishe, Fri Nov 17 7:20am
    is take the Franken photograph and imagine a photoshop replacing the face of Franken with a face of Moore, and the face of Tweeden with the face of a scared 14 year old girl. I'm sure someone with... more
    • Send me your picture ...Mondo Fuego , Fri Nov 17 11:15pm
      ... an I will paste it over Franken's face and publish it in the Toronto Rag.
    • Franken vs. Moore — Amadeus, Fri Nov 17 7:52am
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