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About the weight...
Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:02am

From a discussion board colleague that was at the event:

"Had a chance to hang with Franz [von Holzhausen] for a few minutes. Asked him several questions which I got immediate answers to, but when I asked how he could fit 200 kw into that tiny car I just got a smirk! Then I said, "if you can fit that into a tiny roadster you can fit it into any car" and he gave me an even bigger smirk!"

Anyone still think they're using Model S/X or Model 3 batteries in the Roadster and Semi (400 mile [Max GVW] charge in 30 minutes)?

  • Yes, beautiful...and the performance!Poppet, Fri Nov 17 11:32am
    If those figures hold up, no production road car will even come close. Okay, there will be a tiny handful with higher top speed numbers (the least interesting/useful performance stat...), but those... more
    • About the weight... — PureStevil, Sat Nov 18 10:02am
    • Pretty sure these will hold up.PureStevil, Fri Nov 17 4:46pm
      From the insiders I've talked with the performance specs listed are the conservative estimates. Tesla had a problem with the early Model SP85D numbers being from a rolling start and it made too many... more
    • And from what I have seen, Sprout, Fri Nov 17 11:47am
      the torque curves of the all electrics are just something that the gas powered cars simply cannot match. IMO if they can TRULY reach that 600mile range of ordinary driving, they have broken a... more
      • $200K -$250Ka pop? Ain't exactly "competitive".Mondo Fuego™ , Fri Nov 17 10:59pm
        Now, the huckster is offering a semi truck. Yeah, right! "Hey, Cleatus, you'll just have to come pick up your freight ... I'm stuck out here in the desert with a dead battery."
        • At that performance level? Sure is.Poppet, Sat Nov 18 9:13am
          In fact, at that performance level,* it's on the cheap side. A Bugatti Chiron, Lamborghini Aventador, Hennessey Venom, Pagani Huayra, or any Koenigsegg all cost much, much more, as do the hybrid... more
          • We'll see ...Mondo Fuego™ , Sat Nov 18 11:34am
            ... "competitive" includes ability to survive ... not enough folks will go for this to make it sustainable, IMO. One may make it into Jay Leno's garage if they ever make it off the production line.... more
            • If not, then yeah...they're being delusional. But I wouldn't think any competent exec would be planning on a quarter-mil supercar to be a bit profit center for the company. That's a niche market in... more
          • No worries, you can't hear that noisePureStevil, Sat Nov 18 9:53am
            in your rear view mirror. :D For now there's emotional equating of sound and power, but that's all just waste energy anyway. Noise is just... Noise.
        • Do you not read. (nm)Sprout, Sat Nov 18 3:43am
      • My concern about that range...Poppet, Fri Nov 17 1:56pm that it's probably achieved (as is the insane power) via more-or-less doubling up on the battery packs. That's likely to make for a heavy car. It can overcome that weight with a... more
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