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The weight is a potential issue in a performance car, though
Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:29am

There's enough power to overcome the weight in straight-line performance, and the naturally low center-of-gravity in the Tesla architecture will help offset the effect of weight on direction changes (to some degree), but there's no masking it in terms of braking performance, apex speed, etc. This will probably only matter on track, but a car with that kind of performance might well spend time at track days. If they can't get it down to about 3500lbs, it's going to get murdered on a circuit by cars like the Viper ACR, Porsche 911 GT2RS, Radical RCX, the new Ford GT, etc, (all light weight/high-downforce cars).

As an extreme example of the effect of weight on a circuit, a Stohr WF1 (see below) is a small sports racer with a 1000cc motorcycle engine and about 190 horsepower to the wheels. It will flat out destroy any of the cars I list above on track because it has a huge weight advantage (c. 700lbs!!) and a ton of downforce.

The Tesla Roadster is likely intended as a "halo" product...a bragging rights car (rather than a model intended to garner big sales). I'd say the electric "semi" is probably much more important to the company's future. That one could be a game-changer. Personally, I'd appreciate semis that don't slow to a crawl on hills. =)

  • Looks like they are building on their strengths instead of improving their weaknesses. They are already make the quick but expensive Model S P100D. The roadster will be quicker and more expensive. I... more
    • Generally, you can't make a go of it off high end carsMondo Fuego™ , Sat Nov 18 11:16am
      BMW needs the 3/4 series to make the rest of their offerings viable. Same probably true for MB & Porsche/Audi/VW. I don't see how Lincoln makes it with Ford. I don't know about GM ... touch & go... more
    • The weight is a potential issue in a performance car, though — Poppet, Sat Nov 18 10:29am
      • I will bet you a 2010 Abbona Pressenda BaroloMondo Fuego™ , Sat Nov 18 11:27am
        that the Tesla semi is a total flop. Deal?
        • Okay, sure!Poppet, Sat Nov 18 3:00pm
          While I have some real doubts about market acceptance, if they can deliver on that promise of lower per-mile costs from the start, it'll do well. That market, particularly with the larger fleets, is... more
          • We both win either way ...Mondo Fuego™ , Sat Nov 18 6:11pm
            ... I would buy two bottles and give you one either way :) Speaking of wine, had Atlas Peak Cab tonight ... awesome! Will let you know later where we are staying ... top drawer ... you prolly already ... more
            • Thanks for the tip!Poppet, Sun Nov 19 8:26am
              Haven't tried that winemaker...I'll remedy that! A hearty recommendation back at'cha: if you can find the vintage, the 2012 Domaine Drouhin "Laurène" pinot noir is exceptional. 2012 was an epic... more
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