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Okay, sure!
Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:00pm

While I have some real doubts about market acceptance, if they can deliver on that promise of lower per-mile costs from the start, it'll do well. That market, particularly with the larger fleets, is absolutely bottom line motivated. I don't think the question is whether or not electric vehicles of that type are the future, it's only whether or not Tesla is going to be the one to provide them. Like you, I have doubts about the company's long-term future (although I suspect my doubts are rather smaller).

In any case, you're on. Not because I'm convinced I'll win the bet, but because genuinely great wine should be celebrated.

  • I will bet you a 2010 Abbona Pressenda BaroloMondo Fuego™ , Sat Nov 18 11:27am
    that the Tesla semi is a total flop. Deal?
    • Okay, sure! — Poppet, Sat Nov 18 3:00pm
      • We both win either way ...Mondo Fuego™ , Sat Nov 18 6:11pm
        ... I would buy two bottles and give you one either way :) Speaking of wine, had Atlas Peak Cab tonight ... awesome! Will let you know later where we are staying ... top drawer ... you prolly already ... more
        • Thanks for the tip!Poppet, Sun Nov 19 8:26am
          Haven't tried that winemaker...I'll remedy that! A hearty recommendation back at'cha: if you can find the vintage, the 2012 Domaine Drouhin "Laurène" pinot noir is exceptional. 2012 was an epic... more
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