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But WHY?!?
Mon Nov 20, 2017 9:33am (XFF:

Would you ever tell your children:

I love you.
And I will help you live long, happy lives.
As long as you pass this ambiguous 'test' that I've spelled out for you, using a dead language that no one speaks anymore.
So you'll have to use a translation.
I hope it's a GOOD translation, because if you FAIL this test, I'm going to lock you in the basement,
where you'll sweat and freeze and starve and thirst and burn and scream and cry for the rest of your miserable lives -- but...
I LOVE you.

That is ridiculously absurd, makes ZERO sense, and is utterly illogical.

But because some stupid ancient books tell you to believe that, you don't even question the absurdity of it.

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