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I walked into the "Tilted Kilt" sports bar last summer...
Mon Nov 20, 2017 11:35am (XFF:

...and I sat down at the bar, and ordered a beer, and then glanced around the bar and...

...sitting on the other side of the bar was Paul. I hadn't seen him in 38 years, since we graduated from High School. We ran Cross Country together back then. Class of 1979.

It was a MIRACLE that on the same night, some 38 years later, in a bar 600 miles from where we had grown up, we both just happened to be in the same sports bar, at the same time. I mean, what are the chances of that?

Of course, by "miracle" I mean a tremendous coincidence. He had recently moved to the general area, had a friend stationed at Fort Lee, which is just up the road from the "Kilt", and they had decided to stop in and have a couple of beers and watch football.

Anyone who would claim that something like that was a BIBLICAL "miracle" is someone who is easily impressed, and would probably buy into other ridiculous nonsense -- like NDEs.

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