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Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:29pm (XFF:

Have you ever read the tortured attempts of Theists to explain the "Roman Census"?

Let's apply the fictional story of the "Census" to us, today.

President Trump decrees that there shall be a census of all people in the United States, partly for the purpose of assessing taxes.

And for the Census, all men are to return to their ancestral homes.

And not only that, they are also to bring their families, including their wives, even if pregnant.

So I would have to pack up the family, lock up the house, and drive to -- where?

- Where my Dad lives?
- Where his Dad lived?
- Where the first male of the family first lived?


And what would the PURPOSE of that trip even BE? How would the tax assessors be able to assess the value of my land, my house, my property, the number of people in my household, if I had LEFT HOME and traveled hundreds of miles away, and was living in a friggin' Hotel, or in my car?

Multiply my experience by HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people, all criss-crossing the country, trying to return to their "ancestral home".

It is an absolutely absurd premise -- a tortured attempt to FORCE jesus to be born in Bethlehem.

EXPLAIN that. Don't just flippantly dismiss it. EXPLAIN IT!

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