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As for "Everyone knows jesus wasn't born on December 25th.."
Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:36pm (XFF: can find all KINDS of tortured explanations of why December 25th IS the date that jesus was born:

Was Jesus Really Born in Bethlehem on December 25th?
December 22, 2016
By Gretchen Filz

Youíre probably familiar with the claim that Christmas was originally an ancient pagan festival in celebration of the winter solstice, or even the ancient Roman sun god, and the Catholic Church invented the birth date of Jesus on December 25th in order to quell this pre-existing pagan holiday. Youíll even hear many Christians repeat this claim, concluding that the celebration of Jesusí birthday is basically pagan in its origins, or, that it doesnít really matter when Jesus was born, anyway.

But itís just not true. And, it wouldnít be a bad thing even if it were trueógiven Christís command to preach the Gospel to all the nations and make them Christian (Matt. 28:16-20).

As noted below, the Church established the liturgical celebration of Christmas on December 25th because that was the date the early Christian tradition held that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary in Bethlehem. A tradition that can reasonably be assumed to have begun with the Blessed Mother herself, and taught to the twelve apostles.

  • Your tortured attempts to discount the rest of the story remain 'tortured'.
    • Prove it.SES, Mon Nov 20 1:29pm
      Have you ever read the tortured attempts of Theists to explain the "Roman Census"? Let's apply the fictional story of the "Census" to us, today. President Trump decrees that there shall be a census... more
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