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Here's another one.
Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:57pm (XFF:

I was at Busch Gardens - Williamsburg a few years ago. It's a HUGE amusement park. I only went once a year, if that.

The place was packed. I don't know what the max attendance is set at. 100,000 people?

I decided to get something to eat. I got in line in "Italy". Probably 300 people waiting in three lines to buy something to eat.

There was a teenage kid in front of me. When he turned around, I saw that his t-shirt said "John Jay Baseball".

I said "John Jay? Like, John Jay High School? In New York?"

He looked shocked and said "Uh. Yeah."

I said "I went there. Class of 1979. Small world."

What were the chances of THAT? A kid from the same High School that I went to, 600 miles away from home visiting an amusement park, on the ONE DAY that I was going to be there that year, and he decides to wear a High School t-shirt, and of the 100,000 or so people there, HE ends up standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME in a food line.

It was a MEER-icle. lol

  • Here's another one.SES, Mon Nov 20 1:51pm
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    • Here's another one. — SES, Mon Nov 20 1:57pm
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