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Occham's Razor: Several explanations/use simplest
Thu Nov 23, 2017 11:22am

OCCHAM’S RAZOR 'If there are several explanations to a phenomenon, the real one uses to be the simplest.'

My proofs: Commonalities of Holy Books; Spiritual Fruits, Spiritual birth; Spiritual Love/Agape/ Spiritual Grief/ Terminal Lucidity; After death communication; Deathbed Vision; Shared Death Experiences; Fear Death Experiences; Dreams come from the Soul; Inspiration for songs like Yesterday, savants, novels like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, even scientific advances, etc. are based on the simplest explanations and they fit together like glove on a hand but alternative explanations are more complex and must be rejected by Occham's Razor.

Truth is most of these have gone w/o any intelligent explanations at all.

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