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Do you have a problem with that? Israel did EXACTLY what it
Sun Nov 26, 2017 3:26pm

had to do.

Here was the situation:

Egypt had abrogated the 1956 cease fire agreement in two key ways.

1. Closed off Sharm-el-Sheaik to Israeli traffic.
2. Moved army into the Sinai.

Israel told the World, including Egypt, that it could not tolerate breech of the cease fire agreement, and demanded that Egypt rescind its actions. Egypt steadfastly refused. Syria ALSO moved its forces into areas along Golan where it was forbidden to have them by that same agreement.

Israel had been forced to mobilize its entire armed forces for weeks. ALL of the young (and not so young) men in the country were away from their regular jobs. The Israeli economy ground to a halt. Israel simply could not tolerate the continuation of that situation.

Here is a point that idiots don't seem to understand: When a cease fire agreement is abrogated, the stated of active warfare is legally resumed. Israel had every legal right to attack Egypt and Syria, and it did so.

The Jordan thing was different. Golda Meir visited King Hussein in person and told him to stay out of it. She said that, so long as Jordan did a "symbolic" shelling of Israel, on empty zones, of course, Israel would NOT attack Jordan. She begged him to refrain from joining Egypt and Syria.

But there was a telephone call from President Nasser to King Hussein. Nasser asserted that Egypt was rolling into Israel and had destroyed the Israeli air force. Hussein stupidly believed Nasser, that he had nothing to lose, and ordered shelling of Israeli air bases and civilian targets. By this time, Egypt was already crippled, Syria was on the ropes in the North, so Israel diverted forces to the newly opened Jordanian front. Prior to the attack by Jordan, there were essentially NO Israeli forces in the neighborhood of Jordan. Within a few minutes, the Israeli Air Force turned its attack toward offending Jordanian forces that were shelling Israel. A few hours later, the Israeli infantry showed up and finished the job.

You post made it seem like nasty old Israel started the war. Nothing could be further from the truth. The violation of the cease fire agreement by Egypt and Syria resumed (did not start) the war that had been suspended since 1956. Egypt re-started the shooting war by refusing to honor its 1956 commitments.

So Aljazeera can shove its lying propaganda up its anal orifice.


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