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Mondo Fuego™
Creepy Al Franken doesn't know if there will be more accuser
Mon Nov 27, 2017 10:41am

translated: He knows there have been a lot more incidents ... he's just hoping they don't surface.

His selective memory is a farce.

He should resign.

    • Yep. Right after....Verax, Mon Nov 27 10:43am
      • FurtherFurthermoreMondo Fuego™, Mon Nov 27 11:29am
        Minor legal technicality: WeeniePerv's criminal activity is a proven fact, whereas Ol' Pervy Roy is still hangin' in the balance of justice. Meanwhile, Creepy Franken and Nasty Conyers should resign, ... more
      • Furthermore ...Mondo Fuego™, Mon Nov 27 11:20am
        ... why are you posting with a fake name?
      • Yep ...Mondo Fuego™, Mon Nov 27 10:58am
        ... years and years after Clinton sexually assaulted an unknown number of women, and crooked Hil and all the Dems supported him and trashed his accusers. Your sanctimony is ludicrous. Plus, don't... more
        • How many women do we know he assaulted? I'd rather condemn him only for the ones that were proven. Same for all the other alleged assaulters. People should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.
        • now hold on Trish, Mon Nov 27 11:32am
          first, there were plenty of people who called Clinton on his behavior. I am glad to hear you would not vote for Moore. What a waste of skin.
    • accusers (nm)Mondo Fuego™, Mon Nov 27 10:42am
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