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Then stop lying about them.
Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:26am (XFF:

Bauer: "39% were AWARE during death which is impossible."

For the gazzillionth time, that is NOT what the AWARE study said.

You even POSTED what it DID say, and then LIED about what it said.

What it ACTUALLY said, as you quoted, was "39% of patients who survived cardiac arrest...described a perception of awareness."

NOTHING in that statement says WHEN they had their "perceptions of awareness". They could have been BEFORE cardiac arrest, or AFTER cardiac arrest, or DURING cardiac arrest. That was what AWARE was trying to determine -- WHEN were these "perceptions" occurring? And AWARE was unsuccessful. AWARE was not, in any instance, able to determine exactly WHEN during the incident the perceptions" occurred.


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