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Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:49am

Your quote:

"Scholarly consensus" is also that the gospels are anonymous, and the true authorship cannot now be determined. But given the late dates, they almost certainly were NOT written by THE Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

I don't know what 'scholarly consensus' assumes, but it is not a universal understanding among all
extremely scholarly students. As in other enterprises there are the liberals and the not-so-liberals
offering their opinions. The opinions differ.

And while it may not make sense to a non believer or a very liberal one, about the specifics, it does make a difference
among believers whose understanding of Scripture is based on a hermeneutical grasp of the Bible Genesis through
Revelation. The harmony of the Scriptures is part of the credibility of the Scriptures, and gives light to the
'divinely inspired' nature of it. Attempts at discrediting its authenticity in most ways always seem to result in
casting doubt on the whole. There are facts. There are opinions. And there are people who don't accept either.

But arguments from non believers really are irrelevant, because understanding the Bible absolutely requires
a belief in God to start with.

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